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Historical 1930's The New Deal

Nearly all countries in the world have faced a dark moment. Even the superpowers America cannot brag to the people of having had a smooth walk to having a stable country. However, they can be proud of the challenges that they have undergone through to get to where they are today. It has been a rough ride for America. The worst time is when America faced the greatest economic destruction in the 1930’s. This was the most trying time for America as a nation. The country went down on its feet. It will remain in the books of history for the great collapse of the economy. This is what led the country to come together as one and change their idea about politics and the economy. Most people started supporting and moving to the ideas of Karl Max ideas of markets. The government started getting involved in markets unlike when they had free markets before. People then realized that continuously engaging in the political conquest was not going to do them any good. The citizens agreed to support the then government system with renewed energy and hope.

The great depression

During the late 1920’s, Florida was hit by two disastrous hurricanes. This caused an enormous destruction of property. Crops were destroyed and the whole of America was in crisis. This led to a significant loss of property. This also affected the stock market in what is known as the biggest stock crash of 1929. Farmers could not furnish their bank loans. Many businesses also closed down. There was no employment. People could no longer pay their utility bills. In the aim to revive its economy, betting was legalized. The local government wanted to find a way of getting money from taxes imposed on the money won from betting. It did not go well as people did not have money to bet. Throughout America, around twelve million people were unemployed. People could no longer afford food and other basic needs. The federal government had to find a way and give relief to the people.

The New Dawn

When Franklin Roosevelt came to power, he had great ideas of bringing America back to its feet. His priority was to create jobs. All the young and energetic young men were taken to work camps. He formed a program known as the Civilian Conservation Corps. Young men in the program were involved in creating wildlife reserves and state parks. They also rebuilt schools and the railroad. This resurrected some tourism. With the young people working, America was taking shape once more.

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